Hiring made simple

Talentd is the best and easiest way to accept, review, and manage job applicants.

Get Organized

Move out of the inbox (or desk drawer) and into our easy system that the whole team can use.

Attract Great Talent

Create and post branded job listings
to attract "right" talent, accept applications on the spot.

Hire Smarter

Applicants funnel directly into one
central space, with review tools, correspondence, and data capture.

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What people are saying...

"Take the Headaches Out of Hiring When it comes to staffing up, business owners have to juggle issues such as tracking resumes, analyzing candidates and other human resources obligations. (Talentd) helps even the smallest company hire more efficiently."
- Entrepreneur.com

"Absolutely idiot proof! Talentd makes so, so much more sense than sorting through paper and email files."
- Chad Strickland, Store Manager, Liquid Planet

"Within 15 minutes I knew this would massively simplify my life. We saved 20 hours on our 1st hire."
- Geraldine Carter, Executive Director, Climate Ride

"No matter how small, any business owner could and should benefit from time saving management tools like Talentd. You’ll be a better business person and run a more successful business."
- Peter Lambros, Owner, Caffe Dolce