What people are saying...

"Insanely helpful and efficient. We signed up today. Check it."
— Brett Evje, Owner, Plonk

"What a great product! And customer support is out of this world!"
— Jennae Liberty, VP Operations, Finance & HR, Golden Helix Inc

"Hiring the right employees is as important as choosing the best ingredients, materials, and location. It really is amazing what you guys are doing and how much it makes a small business owner's life easier."
— Tom Snyder, Five on Black Brazilian Grill(s)

"I can't imagine life without Talentd. No matter how small, any business owner could and should benefit from time saving management tools like Talentd. You'll be a better business person and run a more successful business. Now I have peace with the hiring process. I have all the information at my fingertips, without the stress of paper piles."
— Peter Lambros, Owner, Caffe Dolce

"Within 15 minutes I knew this would massively simplify my life. We saved 20 hours on our 1st hire."
— Geraldine Carter, Executive Director, Climate Ride

"So user friendly. Yesterday I showed a colleague how to use Talentd in five minutes, that’s all it took."
— Stephanie Dwyer, HR Director, Territorial Landworks, Inc.

"We make great hires so much faster."
— Philip Ramsey, Ranch Manager, MPG Ranch

"Adds a new level of professionalism to our hiring process and website!"
— Laura Waters, Owner, The Red Bird Restaurant

"It is almost impossible to describe the 180 degree difference that Talentd has made to our instructor hiring process. I am beyond happy that we found Talentd and instead of dreading our next hiring I am actually looking forward to it! I hope that this makes it clear how much of a difference you have made to me and EPI."
— Lisa Macki, Administrative Coordinator, Ecology Project International

"Absolutely idiot proof! Talentd makes so, so much more sense than sorting through paper and email files."
— Chad Strickland, Store Manager, Liquid Planet

"When we used email, every single one of those resumes buzzed through to my Blackberry. It was awful. There was no structure. With Talentd, we’ve got a great Careers page. We can create a job listing in an instant and it automatically posts to our branded page. It’s user friendly. For our applicants and for staff, it is a streamlined process, easy to use and easy for us to review and make great hiring decisions."
— James Stephens, Co-CEO, Blue Marble Biomaterials

"I've taken some time to look at what Talentd can do for growing companies to manage their hiring system and it is a very powerful tool that is flexible to meet most small or large companies needs. It is an excellent value and affordable for even very small companies. I recommend that anyone planning to hire look to Talentd to make your life easier and your business more efficient. Jennifer Shryock is genuine, capable, friendly and understands a business’s needs."
— Kim Morisaki, Business Development and Special Projects, Montana West Economic Development Corp

"In the HR world, compliance is key. Talentd helps us ensure we're protected. With online submissions, the potential for error is all but eliminated. And the labels and reporting tools help us track compliance, while streamlining our entire process. We don't impress easily and most programs are overkill, in terms of cost and cumbersome features we don't need. But Talentd is pure simplicity! So easy to use and to implement. And, I must say, your team is exceptionally responsive. "
— Suzie Lalitch, HR Manager, Printing For Less

"I am recommending a new business tool to all of my FAVORITE clients, past and present. Files can easily move between staff- with all notes, ratings and application info. tied to one easy system. BLISS I tell you."
— Karen McNenny, Business Consultant