Everything you need to grow with talent. Here's how:

Create a Job Listing in Seconds

Simply enter your job title and you’ve got a ready-made Career page that includes your new job listing.


A creative job title can make a mundane job feel unique. Your job description needs to attract one "right" applicant. One method is to write it like a letter to your ideal candidate.


Social share buttons and a custom job link make it easy to promote, so top talent can find you.

Customize Job Applications

Do you use a job application form or ask specific questions during your application process? Create a custom questionnaire with our handy form builder.

Drag and Drop

Easily create your custom form in just a few minutes. Then use our intuitive tools to review applicants’ answers, along with their resumes or other files you requested.

Employer branding is a key component in recruiting the best team. Talentd automatically creates a professional page of your job listings, for one-step branding and website integration.

Your Logo Here

Easy branding adds professionalism to your hiring process, attractive to applicants and customers alike.

Easily Apply

A straightforward online application process is a must for top talent.

Trusted Platform

Thousands of organizations in 23 countries use our secure submission platforms.

Catchy Company Info

Showcase your company, mission, and work culture to attract qualified, "right fit" candidates.

Pipeline Option

For more proactive recruiting, shift from "as needed" hiring to an open pipeline. Even if you are not hiring right now, you should constantly be on the lookout for ways to attract and engage top talent.

Social Sharing

Spread the good word about your company and opportunities.

With Talentd, applicants funnel directly into your pipeline, automatically organized. No more paper, faxes, emails, or spam. Your inbox will be forever grateful.

Data Capture

Export your data in a single click for easy integration with payroll, CRM, mail programs such as MailChimp)

Manage Applicants with Tracking Tools

Organize by job, date, label, rank, assigned staff, terms, and more.

Batch Tools

You can even assign staff, label, and archive in batches.

Talentd provides your team real-time collaboration and review tools to help you make informed decisions, correspond with your candidates, and build your dream team.

Applicant Details


Your review team can vote on their assigned applicants. Talentd automatically calculates the overall score. You'll make your choices confidently and efficiently.


Multiple staff members can sign in and discuss your submissions. Comments, votes and labels are all updated in real-time as the conversation happens and saved in the Activity Feed.


Toggle between an applicant's Resume and job application Form. Both views share review, feedback, and collaboration tools.


Talentd supports your organization's process by allowing you to assign other reviewers and "tag" applicants with your own custom labels.

Hi-touch Correspondence


Talentd provides customizable templates, so you can communicate with your candidates (and fellow staff) every step of the way.

Treat Candidates Like Customers

The #1 complaint of job seekers is not hearing from employers, even after the interview.

Auto Response

With each submitted application, Talentd automatically sends a personalized email, another step in your applicants' awesome candidate experience.